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At Strong Foundations we want to make the cost of our services clear and transparent. We value our clients making informed decisions about their care at our practice. 



We are in-network for UPMC commercial plans for our evaluation services. We are out-of-network for all other insurance carriers. 

We encourage all new patients to confirm with their insurance provider that we are in-network for your plan.

Occasionally, insurance companies carve their mental health benefits to other carriers, which can result in rejected claims from our office and patients owing balances. We do not have the ability to confirm benefits for each patient, so we ask that patients begin their work at our practice with knowledge of their benefits and costs.


If we are out-of-network for your insurance, these are our private pay fees. If you choose to do so, we can provide you with the documentation you will need to submit to your insurance for out-of-network reimbursement. Once again, it is the client's responsibility to contact their insurance carrier to understand their out-of-network benefits. 

Private Pay Fees for Testing: 

Initial Intake: $240

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Evaluation: $1,650

Autism Evaluation: $1950

Learning Difference Evaluation: $2,550

Dyslexia Evaluation: $2850

Psychological Evaluation: $1,300

Achievement Testing Only: $800

IQ test only: $500

If additional time is needed to be billed for record review or additional testing, Dr. Tanya Banda and Dr. Lea LaPointe's hourly rates are $160. 

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