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Summer Camps 2024

Camp Offerings:

1) Social Skills for Elementary School Age (June 17th - June 21st) : Our child development experts are offering a 4-day child camp focusing on building social skills and confidence in rising 4th and 5th graders. Your child will be with 5 other campers, one Licensed Professional Counselor, and one camp assistant. Camp will run Monday-Thursday from 9-11:30 at 5830 Ellsworth Ave. Topics will include: how to start conversations and keep them going with skill, how to ask for help or self-advocate, what it means to have a social filter (what we say to others vs keep in our minds), and how to resolve conflicts with peers. Time will be split among supervised play (with professional coaching), structured activities, and snack. 

On Friday, parents or caregivers have the option to participate in an adult only session from 10-11:30 to learn what we covered in camp, and how to continue to foster social and emotional skills in their children all summer long. 


2) Emotion and Stress Management for Highschoolers (June 24th - June 28th): Your high schooler will learn practical and concrete coping skills to manage their emotions more effectively, to communicate better, and to have healthier relationships. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) techniques, will be taught in a supportive group setting. Teens will have the opportunity to connect with peers, validate each other's experiences, and practice the skills being taught. The group will be lead by Zoe Beard, a doctoral level graduate student at Chatham University, an experienced facilitator of adolescent groups. Zoe will create a safe space to talk about a variety of life's challenges. She is also a LGBTQIA affirming and competent therapist. 



Click on Initiate Scheduling above or email for enrollment.


If you are interested in your child participating in camp but the date or age group we offer don't work for you, please let us know. We will open other dates and ages based on interest. 

How to Register:
What is the cost?

1) Social Skills: The cost for the child portion of the camp is $300. The optional caregiver session is $60 for one participant, or $80 for two caregivers.

2) DBT Group: The group will run Monday through Friday from 10:30-12. The cost is $200 per participant. 

We understand that this cost may not be possible for everyone. If you are interested in using your insurance benefits for this type of service, consider enrolling your child in our individual psychotherapy where we can teach similar skills to you and your child


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